“New Media and Communication Technology” or in short “NMCT” is a bachelor degree that prepares students for the future. More specifically a future with all kinds of new technologies. This degree mainly focuses on the extremely rising in popularity “IoT” or “Internet of Things”. This shows the degree meticulously follows every evolution from close by. The curriculum therefore changes a lot to adjust itself to the latest trends.


NMCT is one of the many bachelor degrees offered by Howest. Howest is a university college which has campuses in Kortijk and Bruges. This particular degree can only be taken in Kortrijk. There’s also a possibility to take this degree at home.


The degree starts, like almost all other degrees in Belgium, at the end of September. This means most students graduate in June. However, some students start the degree in February. Those then graduate in January. Companies thus have two possibilities to recruit NMCT students. This information is very valuable because students owning an NMCT diploma are often very desired by companies.

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At the time of writing there are three specialisations: infrastructure engineer, smart technology creator and web & app developer. An infrastructure engineer is someone who knows all the secrets of every computer network. A smart technology creator can transform all kinds of objects into a smart device. And a web & app developer creates, like the name tells you, websites and apps. The students first get one year and a half the same courses related to each specialisation. This ensures NMCT students are informed about all three of them. This causes the students to end up in all kinds of branches.

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