The best way to describe my interests is to describe who I am. Here is a short list by which I define myself.

I Am A Book Reader

In this busy world it is sometimes hard to find a quiet moment and disappear. Fortunately we have something called books which do kind of the same thing. Here is, after much internal debate, my top three of favourite books.

The Harry Potter Series
Most people cannot say they are book lovers when they haven't read the Harry Potter series. These books awakened my internal bookworm so they changed my life. My opinion is: a house without Harry Potter books can hardly be called a home. Oh and if you wonder what house I'm in, I'm a proud Hufflepuff!
The Mortal Instruments
This series is probably less known in Europe but is quite a hype in the US. It's a paranormal series where all urban legends come to life. One recurring sentence is "all the stories are true". I love that thought. The mysteries and plot twists and all the romance in these series just make theses books awesome.
The Night Circus
Not a serie but a novel is my favourite book ever. The main part of the book takes place in the nineteenth century where actual magic happens but they have to make it look like tricks to the humans. Two people have been training for a challenge all their lives and end up falling in love. Forbidden love and magic in one book? That's all a book has to be.

I Am A Music Listener

When you would ask me what genres of music I like I wouldn’t be able to answer because I like something in every genre and am open to everything. I also go to as many concerts and festivals as possible. I do prefer concerts over festivals a lot because there are less drunk people over there (and I don’t drink). Here are some bands and artists I like to see live.

Empire Of The Sun
This Australian, alien looking duo make indie rock music that sounds out of this world. It takes a few listens before you realise its awesomeness. They have created a whole storyline in their three albums and their videoclips are really imaginative. When they're performing live it's always extremely colourful and special.
Mika is a colourful, Lebanese-British solo singer known by hits like Grace Kelly and Relax, Take It Easy. He's also a judge in The Voice in France and my favourite artist ever. I've seen him live more than thirty times in five countries. I also collect all his albums and artwork. It's actually a bit embarrassing but I don't mind because he is that good!
A British band known by most people because of their epic rock music. Their live shows are always very immersive and their music quite political. Their combination of rock and opera give them a very unique and Queen-esque feeling. The singer's voice stretches out like bubblegum and is very impressive. In short, a fantastic band.

I Am A Productivity Freak

I really love productivity. When I have some spare time, I try to look up tips and tricks to become more productive. GTD, Eisenhower Matrix, … I’ve tried them all. I believe you can learn a lot about a person by knowing which apps they use. These following apps are what I daily use to stay productive.

Marvin is an app to keep track of everything that has yet to be done. I've used Todoist, TickTick, Wunderlist, Microsoft ToDo, Omnifocus, 2Do and Things but nothing works quite as good for me as Marvin. The best feature about it is that one can set start dates, due dates and end dates. This way my work is often finished well before the deadline.
Brain Fm
Brain FM is a simple website where you can listen to music made by Artificial Intelligence to help you concentrate. When I'm facing a really difficult problem and I need to think, this is my solution. I just pop on some headphones and listen to this weird and calming music and then I usually come up with fresh and new ideas to tackle a challenge.
A big disadvantage of working on a computer is the amount of distractions. Sometimes during research on the internet, the desire to quit working becomes too big. Because of that and because I know myself, I use Freedom. This is an app that blocks all distracting websites and apps. Thanks to this I'm able to work for hours and hours on end and finish every task.