Discogs Revamped

This project was made for the module Device Programming II during my NMCT bachelor degree. The assignment was to design a Xamarin.Forms app which had to use an API by choice in two weeks. Because I love music so much, I decided to use the Discogs API. On the start page, one can look for an artist. When multiple artists are found, the user can select the right one from a list. He or she can then see all releases by this artist. There are also two sort options, ascending and descending either by name or by year. To keep an overview on all information, the user can toggle a biography. When a release is selected, its the details like barcode or special notes get displayed. Here the tracklist can be toggled, once more to keep an overview. The user can also click on the label (e.g. Universal Music) or the collaborating artists to see which albums they have released. Click the images to see some details.
Client : SchoolDate : December 2017Technologies : C#, Xamarin.Forms