This project was made for the module Project II during my NMCT bachelor degree. This is the first non-individual project that had to be made for school. Flowergotchi is a smart flowerpot. The flowerpot itself was made by another student who studies IPD, Industrial Product Design. He also gave instructions on what he wanted the app to do and how it should look like. Four NMCT students, one being myself, worked on the accompanying app because that is what we do. My task was mainly to write the API, to transfer data from the Azure MSSQL Database to the Xamarin.Forms app. Another student took care of sending data from the built in Arduino over the Raspberry Pi to the cloud. Yet another student took care of the back-end, like encrypting passwords and scanning QR codes. Finally a fourth student took care of the front-end. Eventually we all ended up helping the front-end student. Because of our good collaboration, this project got displayed at multiple events. We also had to make a video. One of our team members voiced the video, another made a screencast and I did the editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. To watch it, please click the button.
Client : Industrial Product Design StudentDate : January 2018Technologies : Arduino, Azure Functions, C#, MSSQL, Python, Xamarin.Forms
Here you see a concept of Flowergotchi and how it eventually ended up. Pretty neat, huh? All thanks to the IPD student we worked for! He bought a flowerpot and added eyes, a mouth (both driven by servomotors), light sensors, a humidity sensor, a temperature sensor and LED lights. These last ones start blinking as soon as one parameter isn't fulfilled and causing the plant to become sad. He also implemented some code to make the flowerpot always look in the direction of the light source. Inside the flowerpot sits an Arduino which is constantly collecting all kinds of data. To discover what happens with this data, keep on reading.
Our main task as NMCT'ers was to write an app of course. This application had to be written in Xamarin.Forms. Our app was tested on multiple Android phones, one Android tablet and one iOS tablet. It is possible to create multiple accounts and take care of multiple plants in one app. We didn't want the user to panic so there's a tutorial of five pages with tips on setting up Flowergotchi and how to take good care of it. This leads us to the most important feature, the page where one can see the status of their plant. The values of the sensors get translated into percentages and the current mood of the plant gets displayed. This way the user can see how a plant feels when he or she isn't at home. There is also a logbook which functions as some kind of diary where one can see how their plant felt over the past couple of days. When the user takes good care of their plant(s), they gain points and level-up. This way they unlock more plants to buy from the in-app-store. Click on the images to enlarge them and find out more details.