We Are Team Awesome – Personality Skills

The project of the third semester doesn’t mean we only have to collaborate with other bachelor degrees but also with other classmates. Fortunately we got to pick our teammates ourselves. I ended up with two of my best friends, Kenneth and Kenzo.

Radar Graph V1

Of course we first had to check whether we were all truly compatible with each other. So after loads of tests, an ingenious maths algorithm and quite a few mysterious formulas we decide we were. I’m just kidding of course. Well not about the compatibility. Because we belong together and this for two reasons:

  • Our team scores equally high on most aspects
  • When our team does score low, there’s someone who compensates

So what are our weak points? We don’t have any! We are called Team Awesome for a reason. And our strong points? Well, we have a secret weapon. And that’s our newest member who joined us at the end of the first project week.

Radar Graph V2

As you can see, this Yentl person helps compensating the introversion of two other teammates as well. So now there’s definitely no arguing that we are all compatible. This got proven when we had our very first real teammeeting. Or at least our very first online teammeeting. Everyone was exactly on time (except for one person who apologised beforehand), we didn’t have any troubles choosing the tool to communicate and everything went smoothly without any arguments. No-one was afraid to share their opinion and each and everyone of us listened very carefully.

Everybody and everything has its flaws but at this time I have high expectations for our collaboration. Now let’s hope the end result will be just as good as our friendship.

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